A New Source for Perspective. The Leveler News is a digital media outlet dedicated to the public interest in Yonkers, NY. We are building a collaborative community resource for high quality information, visuals, in-depth reporting on local and national news, international affairs, social issues and government. The Leveler News is committed to holding government and community institutions accountable to the American promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our goal is to maximize civic participation by providing useful and timely information. We provide context and meaning for pressing issues with verifiable information and useful resources. Our stories deconstruct government processes to help the public understand their power. We're filling the news gaps and uplifting local support networks by publishing information that empowers the residents of Yonkers to decide for themselves how they want to show up in their community.

Our hope is to foster belonging by reporting on and highlighting the everyday people, institutions and businesses that make Yonkers. We promise not to only cover the bad stuff! The Leveler News fills in the need for dedicated reporting in the city of hills. Our aim is to make things level.